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ZAZ Performs “Je Veux” Live As Street Music – Wins Hearts Of Many

French artist ZAZ has brought forth an exceptional treat for all street music lovers.

The French artist performed her most famous single, “Je Veux”, live as street music and people cannot get enough of it.

ZAZ’s video that has gone viral features her with two brilliant musicians, just as she was seen with them in her original video.

Street music only looks good when it’s real, straight from the heart and truly authentic: ZAZ brings forth all of these ingredients, which makes her a true winner of hearts.


Named Isabelle Geffroy, ZAZ was born on May 1st, 1980 and goes by the name ZAZ in the music industry. She is a French singer and songwriter who deals in a range of genres including jazzy styles, acoustic, soulful music and other French variety.

ZAZ’s best-known title is “Je Veux”, which was from her very first album that was released in 2010. Since then, ZAZ has had some major breakthroughs in her career. However, her first single remains everybody’s favorite.

ZAZ did not just emerge as a singer for her talent alone, as she learnt music academically and professionally both. She won scholarships in music, which allowed her to pursue it as a career. Her musical influences include Ella Fitzgerald, Bobby McFerrin, Richard Bona, Enrico Macias and others.

ZAZ has been active since 2001 and that is a long list of years till now. No wonder she’s doing so exceptionally well as a musician.


Some artists are relatively unknown after years of work in the industry. However, ZAZ got her fame due to her presence in mainstream media, time and again.

This time, ZAZ rocks with a beautiful video with a soulful performance with some awesome musicians. This rendition of Je Veux its simply great.

Since the video was LIVE, it showed that ZAZ comes without any buffers and her voice is as beautiful as her face is in real life. She is a natural!

The video has already gone viral and people just can’t seem to get enough of her brilliant voice and sweet personality.


Watch ZAZ’s Street Music Video Here

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