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Thirteen Years Old Girl Stuns Judges With A Cover Of Adele’s “Turning Tables”

Is Kennedy Douglas going to be the next Adelle? It sure looks like it. This new talent has clearly taken the judges by surprise. And what’s her age? That’s going to really unsettle you all.

The magic of her voice

She stands in the dark. Her father’s tensed eyes stare at the judges. When the light focusses on her, her voice erupts. It’s Adele’s Turning Tables. She trills around the contralto and Kelly erupts in praise. This girl is already making a mark.

Once she takes up the pace, you can hear the control in her voice. Adam notices it and sways his head. Jennifer looks at Blake. The judges are already awestricken. Thirty seconds into the song and Adam’s chair turns. He knows the power of this girl.


The chairs turn

Forty-seven seconds in and Blake turns his chair, then Jennifer and Kelly. This is the complete Four-Chair turn! Within the first fifty seconds! That must be one the fastest complete Four-Chair turns in history. There’s nothing to stop this girl. Her father breaks into tears.

Kennedy doesn’t stop. She continues with her contraltos and impresses the judges. They are mesmerized, looking at each other to see if it is not a dream. In the end, they stand up. She bows and receives a standing ovation. The audience goes crazy. Kennedy has performed a magic trick with her powerful voice. Blake announces outright she could win the competition.


When the cheers and the excitement recede, Blake welcomes Kennedy and asks her to introduce herself. Then, Kennedy Holmes makes her ultimate reveal. She’s just thirteen years old!

That’s her age!

Kelly gets up and circles in disbelief. She exclaims what everyone in the room was thinking, a shocking ‘What?’ Yes, this is probably the youngest participant in the voice to get the Four-Chair approval. Blake claimed that she was the best vocalist to audition that year. The competition just got up and as Blake claims, this year the ratings are going to shoot through the roof because of this girl. That’s quite a responsibility there for Kennedy, but we are sure she can take it. Despite his country background, he wants to mentor her.

The Judges’ Comment


Kelly claims that Kennedy deserves to have all the Chair-Turn for her. She even cried hearing her voice. Now, that’s magic! When it’s Jennifer’s turn to speak, Kennedy breaks into tears. She reveals that one of her first performances was ‘I’m Changing’ and it was her dream to sing it with her. For Jennifer, that’s no worry.

She gets up and goes up to Kennedy to fulfil her dream. That’s so sweet of her! Yes, they pair up for a special performance, and you should hear Kennedy here. She just sways with the song, her range moving up and down. An astonished Jennifer just adds a bit of the finalized touches to the seasoned voice.

This thirteen-year-old can take on anything with her powerful voice, no sweat. For Jennifer, this girl is gifted and it was her pleasure to perform with her. She promised to give her complete self to mentor Kennedy. Mike just found his reason to sit in the chair back again and, of course, would want the next best thing on his side. They all wait for Kennedy to pick up her choice of mentor.

The father assumes it’ll be Adam. Kennedy is in a fix. So, who’s going to take up and nurture this wonderful talent?


You Can Watch The Full Performance Here :



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