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You Need To Be Happy With Yourself First For Others To Make You Happy

Our happiness does not rely on others, whether it be our parents, friends or spouse. Any relation or person can’t keep you happy if you’re not happy with yourself. We tend to give a lot of credit to others for making us happy or sad or angry. But that is simply wrong! It’s us who decide how we feel. We might not realize that easily but we’re always responsible for our feelings. Others can only affect us when we allow them to.

First Be Happy Alone To Be Happy In Company

Do you think your partner doesn’t put enough effort to make you happy? If yes, you need to re-think this. Relationships are not just for keeping each other happy, now are they? Yes, you should be having a good time with them but always expecting them to make you happy is wrong. You need to assess why are you unhappy in the first place? That control over your mood should be with yourself.

happy with yourself

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Spend time with yourself; see what you like to do, what makes you happy. Make a list of those things and then do them! When you realize that you can be perfectly happy with yourself, you’ll no longer blame others for your unhappiness.

Maybe you’ve got certain problems with yourself which you were wrongly associating with the other person. That is why you had the notion of them not loving you enough. The issue was always with you and not them. When you understand this, you’ll not repeat the mistake of letting them affect your emotions.

Make Yourself Happy!

Stop waiting for someone to come and make you happy. Stop. That is never going to help you. If you want your life to look the way you like then you’ve got to work for it yourself. Others are imperfect but so are we! All of us can and will make mistakes. But thinking about them as a cause for your sadness is self-harming. Rather, you need to embrace your own flaws as well as other’s mistakes. First, be happy with yourself and you’ll automatically start being happy with others.

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If you want to be happy then be happy, it is that simple! No matter what circumstances you’re in, keep yourself in your happy place. Don’t victimize yourself, don’t see yourself as helpless. You have the control button of your life and no one else can take it from you.

Give up on negative thoughts and stop the blame game. That is how you’ll come to terms with yourself. The moment you learn to be happy with yourself, others will make you happy as well. Happy living!

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