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You May Be An Old Soul If You Often Feel Lonely

Feeling lonely is a very normal thing for everyone. But an old soul might feel it much more often than the others. All of us feel the need for validation at some point in our lives. As human beings, it is of paramount importance to us that we are accepted by our fellow human beings. That sense of belonging is very important for us, even if we’re not appreciated.

If someone doesn’t feel like they belong, it may create a negative emotional response in them. Generally, old souls feel lonelier and more isolated since they are much older than what their biological age reflects. They are also seen as being anti-social and outcasts. They inevitably are the odd ones out.

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Mostly, these people have an idea of this difference very early on in life. They generally act more mature and wiser than their age. An old soul is often brilliant, curious to learn and intuitive too. All this sometimes turns them into rebels.


One important thing about them is that they feel at peace with their life, even when things don’t go their way. Even with people of varied interests and priorities, they seem to gel well.

old soul

If you’ve been called an old soul, you should be happy about it. This means that people see you as being wise, emotionally stable and a good advisor. But it can’t be denied that there will be times when you’ll feel frustrated by this label and feel lonely.

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Following are some indicators that you might be an old soul:

  1. You feel like you’re the black sheep. You try to form bonds with people but you feel as if no one gets you. This leads you to not be very social as you find most people immature.
  2. You get emotionally drained very easily. This is because people always keep coming to you for help and sometimes take advantage of your simple nature.
  3. Nowadays you need to belong to one or the other social category. But an old soul usually doesn’t fit anywhere due to their uniqueness. So, they naturally feel isolated and lonely.
  4. They want to belong to a group of people, whether it be their family or friends. But at the same time, they also want to maintain their individuality. They frequently need to sit alone and recharge themselves for the coming day.

If these points ring a bell for you then you can be sure that you’re an old soul. Don’t despair that you can’t fit in. Rather, rejoice your individuality and uniqueness!

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