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Woman Notices Her Pet Chameleon Will Grab Anything She Gives Her, And Takes Some Hilarious Photos

A handsy little chameleon is taking the internet by storm.

Emma Ward is the proud pet-mom of a cute little chameleon named Olive, and she noticed that Olive would grab on to anything Ward handed her.

Ward is a fantasy-style illustrator and collects fantasy-style objects, so she the first thing she did was obviously handing Olive tiny swords, which she happily grabbed, looking like the cutest little green warrior ever.

Next thing Ward did was, setting up a photoshoot to share Olives cuteness with the rest of the world and the results are hilarious, of course.


Olive looks adorable holding an axe.

She’s clearly ready to defend her mom to the last drop.

Ward struck gold when she started handing Olive props.

The internet immediately fell in love with Olive, and many others got inspired to post their own pictures.

Other animals also entered the mix.

Look at this!

Ward also let her leopard gecko in on the fun.

He got to try on everything from scary masks…..

….to fancy hats

We love this trend and hope to see even more animals holding props. You can find more from Ward on her Twitter and Tumblr.

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