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When The 50s Return To Knock You Off Your Feet, Boogie Woogie Cup Finals

Five dance partners. One battle. All they have to do is rock the swing.

And they did.

The 1950s are back. The costumes are on and the participants stand in a single file. There are kids, teenagers, mid-twenties up to the mid-50s – all waiting for their turn to battle for the prize. This is the dance battle of the 1950s.


Energy level rises

First up, it’s the turn for the kids to show what they’ve got. The kid in a black coat and the girl bounce on their feet at first, then they hold each other and go wild. They bounce across the floor and their feet don’t stay on the ground. They focus on their steps, looking at each other and flinging each other on either side. What a level of energy these kids have! They spiral around each other and slowly slide out of the screen giving the next couple a shot at the prize.

Never too old

This is a much older couple, probably in their mid-50s: Nils von Andren & Bianca Locatelli. Their vitality is off the charts, they could very well be in their mid-20s with the way they play with the beat. They enter tapping their feet, as they spiral each other around themselves. Then they go crazy dancing on their feet and separating midway. They reunite in the centre. After a brief twist, Bianca just jumps on to the hips of Andren and he swings her underneath. No pressure. The crowd goes berserk. With their stunning final move, they disappear. In retrospect, they must have enjoyed it more once they emerged as winners!

A Touch of magic

Next up is a young couple, Jeremy Chanton & Daria Chupyrkina. At first, they just walk up in front. Their stance seems underwhelming almost like they are in conflict with each other. But once they join hands, the magic begins. First, Jeremy syncs with the background yodelling and goes crazy with his limbs. He swings Daria around, and turns her over. In the middle, Jeremy even performs a one-hand cartwheel! Dancing on their feet, they tug each other, and slip out of the platform. They came out second.

In perfect sync

Now its turn for another young couple. They start off wild. The guy’s feet are hardly on the ground. He pulls on her and they interchange places. The girl continues to bounce on her feet, trying to keep up with the fast pace. They face the camera and sync their steps with the music. They are seasoned performers. The man also ends up giving a bit of a bottom-shake and a self-spank while slowly sliding out of the stage.


You have to adore this

Couple number 5 is adorable teenagers, Elian Pelihs & Theresa Sommerkamp.  They bring energy back on the stage. This couple loves to mix it up. They do some classic salsa, and then stretch themselves out and spiral back to each other. They separate and sync their moves and bounce out of the stage in the end. They pack quite a punch at this age. They came out third.


Finally they fill up the dance floor and mix and match. The competitors dance in their way and the house bursts up with cheers and claps. Adrenaline runs wild on the stage and none of the participants seems to have tired out with all the previous dance performances.

You can be a kid or too old, but there’re no boundaries for dancing. Just let those feet fly and tap to the music of the sweet 50s.


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