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We Mature With Our Experiences, Not Just With Age


We hear older people say that wisdom comes with age. While that is not false, it’s also not fully true. Age does add to your wisdom and maturity but so do your experiences. The bad experiences are the ones which increase our wisdom more than the good ones. In fact, it can be said that we mature more with damage than we do with age.

How Can Hardships Make Us Mature?

There is no doubt that we become wiser with age. But it’s also true that we face many hardships during those years. It is a combination of the two that makes us more mature. All those hard times we have faced in the past have given us the wisdom to handle future problems.

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Raw gold has to be melted and then reshaped to make beautiful ornaments. Similarly, we humans need to be put in extreme hardships to become more mature. The effect of such hardships on our psychology is important. We mature more with such hardships than with good experiences.

Those struggles that you did to pull yourself out of the difficult situations showed you your power. They showed you how you can climb out of an abyss of darkness. That break up you’d thought you could never survive? You did! Those times of financial crisis when you had to work hard to make the ends meet. Every single struggle you did against life’s challenges has made you stronger. And this is true for each one of us; this is why we mature with every challenge.


Embrace The Hardships And Grow

Don’t despair when life throws lemons at you. Lost your job? Focus on getting better and keep applying for new jobs. Got divorced? The end of a relationship is not the end of your life, move ahead. Failed an exam? Study harder and improve yourself consistently. But remember to take the important lesson from each of the hardships you face. If you are not learning from your past mistakes then you can’t grow.

Use those failures as the steps to your success. Don’t repeat the mistakes you made earlier. Let the pain make you stronger, both mentally and physically. No strong and mature person has ever had an easy life.

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You will find many young people who are very wise. Did you think what made them wise? Most probably, it’s their harsh experiences that led them to this stage of maturity. Conversely, there are many older people who seem very immature. That may be because they have spent a sheltered life. So, next time when any difficult situation arises, know that you’re going to grow out of it.

Maturity comes when we are psychologically ready to face hard times. This is an undeniable truth that we mature more with damage than we do with age.

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