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Watch The Beaches/Islands At Iloilo Offer Heaven On Earth

Offering white sand and some beautifully mesmerizing views, Iloilo is every beach lovers dream.

Yes you heard it.

I am not joking when I say this is probably one of the most serene places on earth. It has to be!

With its super beautiful views and scenic beauty, there is a lot to see and experience on the island.


Breathtaking, surreal and mesmerizing are three of the most basic words that come to mind if you think of this island.

What’s even better is that if you are visiting the island, you can enjoy your time thereby having a super cool picnic whilst enjoying scallops and wasay wasay- all fresh, all good.

Iloilo has many different islands and landscapes to offer. While the first feature in the video is of the Bantigue Island, next up is Tangke Lagoon.

Tangke Lagoon

Tangke Lagoon is another beauty in Iloilo. Made on natural salt water, the Tangke Lagoon is sort of hidden in the big cliffs of Islas De Gigantes Sur. It is more of a pool than an Island but one that you shouldn’t miss out on.


The best part is that the water there is so clean and so fresh that you are impelled to go there rather than missing it while you are there.

If you are a fan of beaches, water, pool and sand, this is the place to visit.

Iloilo Beach: Heaven On Earth
Iloilo Beach: Heaven On Earth

Antonia Beach- Iloilo

Carrying on our list of beautiful beaches in Iloilo, next up is the Antonia Beach. The Antonia beach comes up after you go further from the main beach. Explore a little and you will see its majestic beauty.

Sort of a secluded paradise, Antonia is heaven on earth. It is so beautiful and mesmerizing, even I was short on words as I saw it.

Iloilo Beach: Heaven On Earth
Iloilo Beach: Heaven On Earth

Cabugao Gamay

If you are in Iloilo, you must visit the Cabugao Gamay. It is one of the best islands in the Islas De Gigantes.

Offering clear and clean water and some astonishing views, your trip to Iloilo won’t be complete without a visit to Cabugao Gamay.

Watch these super cool islands and beaches in Iloilo here:


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