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Watch Olatunji Yearwood Rocking The World With His Music

The world has, with the rise of theory, seen a number of things that were marginalised, come to the forefront. The subaltern as the theorist would call one, from the colonies of the rich White nation came to the stage and made the white man realise time and again how he/she too, is an intelligent, expressive and artistically gifted human being.

This process has changed the way we view the world today and includes the way we look, the way we choose our books, eat and the way we enjoy music. For example, jazz, the music of the African-American, has been soothing our pained souls for quite a few decades now. Chicken tikka masala, the dish of the brown-skinned Indian, got voted the national dish of the UK, and finally so-called ethnic wear, including sarees, kurtas and things like sarongs made it big in the fashion world.

In the 70s, as part of a revivalist movement, Lord Shorty, and artist from Trinidad and Tobago, created a new genre of music called ‘soca’. Soca, was called by its maker, the soul of calypso, and is beatsy, fast and ideal for dance.


This 70s music of a subculture from a small island in the Caribbean has come to town in the recent season of X-Factor, to rock the world. It has come in the body of one Olatunje ‘Ola’ Yearwood, a Trinidadian soca artist who has been keeping audiences at the edges of their seats with his power-packed performances that include feisty singing and some dance moves that would have made the great Michael Jackson proud.

So who is Ola, who has said ola to the world in such a marvellous way?

Ola, born in Trinidad on Sept 3rd, 1985, is a Soca artist, who has proclaimed himself a representative of his genre in the UK. As a child and a teen he has won numerous awards, including numerous talent shows and the nation junior Calypso Monarch contest.

He was also the winner of Trinidad’s Soca groovy Monarch 2015, which made him a household name in his country and in the world of music. He won it thanks to his blockbuster eponymous single, “Ola”.


And boy did he give the judges a hell of a ride!

With his dance moves and his electric voice and stage-presence, he just had them on the edge of their toes, jiggying with him throughout.

The ever-humble Ola kept thumping his chest when the audience and the judges gave him a standing ovation.

Check his videos out.


He is the living proof of the fact that one never knows all the kinds of music there is in the world. One has to listen to everything and everyone, to find a minuscule idea of the types of melodies possible in the world.

Listen to stuff from countries you haven’t even heard of before. In this age of the internet, the only thing you can blame for the silence in your life is your own laziness.



And please check out the video below. He will rock your world.

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