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Vet Cares For The Pets Of Homeless People In The Streets Of California For Free

Life is not a bed of roses and more often than not all of us have to face difficulties. Some people have to deal with serious situations such as losing a loved one or having no roof on top of their heads. The rapid increase in the number of people who have to live on the streets due to poverty is alarming. In the US itself, over 100,000 people are homeless. California is the worst affected state.

However, kindness still reigns supreme and people like Stewart Kwane make the world a better place. He is a veterinarian who has pledged to help the homeless people of California and their pets since 2011. This good Samaritan is a ray of hope for the ones who struggle on the streets every day.


What inspired Stewart to become a street vet? In 2007, when the US was hit by the Great Recession, Stewart made up his mind to reach out to those in need. He decided to pay for medicine and food on his own for the homeless who live on the fringes of society. The 49-year-old vet carries a medicinal bag most of the time to help people on the go.

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At present, Stewart has a GoFundMe page aimed at collecting donations to pay for the expensive surgeries the street animals require. For infection in the ear, vaccination, or treatment of flea, he can cover the cost. However, severe cases like removing a tumor or any other surgery require a lot of money.


Walter, one of the homeless people whom Stewart decided to help, has a dog named Dinker. Dinker, unfortunately, has a serious and uncommon condition that requires surgery. This surgery can only be performed by a specialist and it is an expensive process.  Stewart is hopeful and believes he can raise the necessary fund with some support.

The fact that there is still some good in the world was proved by the generous donations by kind strangers on his GoFundMe page. He has set a bigger target and wishes to work with more vets on the streets.


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He wants to make a difference in the lives of the homeless people and animals by showering them with love and care. Stewart will share his inspirational journey on a television series to spread awareness about the project.




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