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Uno Reverse!

Nowadays we are so used to getting ourselves checked by a security guard that we naturally bring our hands up. But have you ever seen a security guard do so?

Maybe not, for it’s not a common sight. But here is one such guard who instead of checking people, himself got checked by one man!

The guard checked one man successfully but the second guy tricked him. As the guard put his hands up to show the guy how to do it, the guy started checking him!

The roles of the guard and the man were reversed. It’s hilarious how the former just reacted automatically to the actions of the other man. As if things happened in an auto-mode.


As the guy went away, the guard didn’t know what to say. He was utterly confused, and so are we! Such a weird thing may not have happened to him ever before.

The look on the guard’s face was one like a person has when he is utterly baffled.

Next time you go through a security check, you can use this trick too, or maybe not.

It will be amazing to watch the expression and reaction of the guard. Just don’t piss them off, tell them later that you were just playing a friendly prank on them!


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