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Unbelievable Footage Shows Kayakers Discovering Secret Blue Lagoon

Two kayakers have discovered what could well be the coolest spot in the world – a blue lagoon with a secret ‘pool of light’ hidden deep with a cave complex. It’s basically like the underground cavern in The Goonies, just without One-Eyed Willy’s pirate ship. Look:

Ian Miller, 48, and his climbing partner Fiona Nic Fhionnlaoich happened upon the majestic blue lagoon beneath Owey Island in Western Donegal, Ireland, on 26 July.

Naturally, the compulsion to take a dip in it (and film it) was way too strong to resist, and the pair made a video of their discovery, which will basically make anybody who watches it incredibly jealous.


There is one catch, though – in order for them to catch the sun at the moment it aligned with the lagoon, they had to set off from Cruit Island, located southeast of Owey, at 5am. The early bird catches the secret lagoon and all that…

Credit: Caters

The pair went snorkelling in the underground complex, following the rays of light from the sun which eventually led them to the magical chamber.

Ian – a full-time sea stack climber, which pretty much sounds like the coolest thing in the world – described their experience and it sounds absolutely awesome.

“Floating in a pool of tranquil light in an underground sea cave was an extremely relaxing experience,” he said.

Credit: Caters

“It was very humbling to witness something so beautiful and so tricky to capture. The sun must be in the correct height and position in the sky for this lagoon to light up.

“The sea must be also be calm and the tide high – with a calm sea you will get the infinity pool effect, where it feels like you are floating and swimming in a pool of light.”

The adventurer has 30 years of exploring the sea behind him and is used to checking out remote and unknown locations such as Owey Island, which has an area of 300 acres and no inhabitants. It does contain the skeleton of a schoolhouse which shut down in 1971, though. We know where our next holiday is going to be, then.

Featured Image Credit: Caters


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