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Unbelievable Backflips, Twists, Turns And Hurls: Say Hello To Pasha Petkuns

Back flips and dives are not everybody’s game. Some can do it, while most cannot.

However, Pasha Petkuns is someone who definitely can.

Whether it is diving in a lake or back flipping through bigger avenues, Pasha seems to know what he is doing and does it really well.

When you look at him, his attire looks simple, his looks are attractive and he is… Well, sort of at the top of his game.


It seems like there isn’t anything he can’t do!

Running through the rails, back flipping across seas on boats, bending down to cross the tougher restrictions, he can simply get anywhere he wants with his utmost precise moves.

The best part?

He knows how good he is.


I recently stumbled upon this guy and upon researching on him, I came across this incredible compilation of some amazing moves of his and I was stunned.

Going by the alias “Pashatheboss” on Instagram, Petkuns introduces himself as “Action Comedy”. He has over 500k followers on Instagram. His feed mostly consists of backflips and long flips. He is mostly seen jumping off windows, rails, mountains and other terrains.

Truth be told, I find this stuff QUITE crazy but it isn’t really CRAZY because it is his passion. Nonetheless, it comes with a lot of risks but guess Petkuns doesn’t really care.

Known as Pasha Petkuns, back flipping through different avenues is just something this guy does. He is also available on Twitter but doesn’t really have many followers there.


Pasha is a free runner and parkour artist who works as Red Bull sponsored athlete. He was honored with 3 successive Red Bull Art of Motion Free Running Championships.

Pasha was born in Latvia. He hails from Daugavpils, Latvia. He first came in the scene when he released his first ever show reel in May 2009 and he hasn’t looked back ever since.

Watch the video of Petkuns and his moves here:


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