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Two men, who we refer to as the Walmart rockstars, were seen rocking it away at one of Walmart’s stores.

While it remains unclear as to whether these men picked up the guitar from the store or had one on them already, they performed Stevie Ray Vaughan’s classic, “Pride and Joy” and we fell in love with it.

Walmart Rockstars

As seen in the video, these two Walmart rockstars are seen holding a guitar and singing “Pride and Joy” live at one of the Walmart stores. It’s interesting and captivating to say the least.

Watch these super two guys perform the classic here:

So you think it’s only the one with the guitar who can sing but that is until the guy in the green cap starts singing too and you realize, how husky his voice is. Overall, it was a solid performance.

Live Musicians: Walmart

Live Musicians: Walmart

The sound of the guitar is also very crisp. The riffs, especially, are the one to watch.

Smooth, complete and rhythmic, these guys definitely know what they are doing.

Talent Holds No Bounds

It suffices to say that talent holds no bounds and these Walmart singers prove it. I mean, two random singers who don’t even look like singers, when they rock to such beautiful tunes, you realize how much potential there is in people but only few make the cut.

‘Pride and Joy’ is an all-time classic by Vaughan. It was released in 1983 and classifies under the Blues Rock category. From the album Texas Flood, this song got very popular during the days. Further, even after years of the song being released, the song is STILL making rounds. That’s something about classics we can never neglect.

Walmart: Rockstars

Walmart: Rockstars

Lastly, the guys were without any buffers so it was only them; their vocals and their sounds. And guess what? They rocked every bit of it. The best part, more than anything else, was their vocals. So good and so sound.


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