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A video showing the moment a kind person rescued an impala from being stuck in the mud has warmed hearts across the Internet.

In the video, a man driving through Kruger National Park notices an impala unable to move, prevented from continuing to move with its herd.

The man then goes up to the creature and pulls him free from the muddy water.

The little impala is then free to hop along with its mates – it soon leaves the scene, walking away on its limp legs which had been stuck for some time.

Steve Haley, from Canterbury, later explained that he was on safari alone and was drivingaround the park when he saw the stuck impala.

He said: “I was on my own during a self-safari where I take a tent, rent a car and camp in the park for eight weeks.”

Credit: Caters

Steve, who’s a chef along with clearly being quite the safari expert, sprang into action when he saw the little creature stuck.

Being stuck in such situations can be dangerous for animals out in South Africa – if anleft behind by their herd, vulnerable to starvation or attack from predators.

Steve was able to pull out the impala by its antlers – of course, not before he removed his shoes and socks.

Once he was free, the clearly exhausted impala had a brief rest on the bank before joining his herd.

Credit: Caters

Perhaps if Steve was to ever see the impala again his kindness would even be remembered by the animal...? It’s certainly not unheard of – take the case of the orphaned orangutan who recognised the kindness he was shown by his rescuers.

Little Rahman was found pining for his dead mother when plantation workers picked him up, cared for him and gave him over to the proper authorities – not before Rahman gave them the biggest cuddle and cutest look. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

But whereas Rahman had to be given over, one man desperately wanted to keep the cute puppies he found on a road trip across America.

After he rescued the pups, and named them, he couldn’t let them go and they became histravelling companions.

Admittedly, he commented: “They’re a lot better now but I can tell you, that first trip, my car smelled like pee the whole time.”

But really, that is a tiny price to pay for the ultimate travel buddies.

Featured Image Credit: Caters



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