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Tigress Spotted With Her Cubs – A Motivating Sign Of The Tiger Population Growth In India

The recently conducted census to know the tiger population has brought forth good news. It is a sign of the tiger population growth in India.

The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) and the Wildlife Institute of India made a report on it. The Status of Tigers in India- 2018 shows the current population of the adult tigers to be 2,967.

Tigress with her cubs

The above picture was clicked in the Terai region. A tigress strolling with her cubs is a good sign. It indicates that the tiger population is growing in India.


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An officer from the Indian Forest Services, Parveen Kaswan shared these images on Twitter. He says that this picture is magic. And asks us to count the number of cubs in this picture. He also said that much effort has been put in to save this species from extinction. Hence, the people involved in the process must be beyond happy. Indeed, it is a wonderful picture showing the tiger population growth in India!

Uttarakhand’s Terai region, that comes in the state’s Western Circle showed amazing results. It saw the highest increase in the tiger population. In 2014, the numbers were 79 while in 2018, they went up to 119 adults! Such rapid growth in a mere four years is amazing! It is an indicator of the tiger population growth in India.

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As the post went viral, a user commented that the Terai region is a very ecologically productive ecosystem. Slight protection and habitat inputs from our side have made it even better. He also said that the population increase in Dudhwa, Katerniaghat, and Pilbhit has been heartening to watch.


The report also mentions that India ranks among the biggest habitats and is highly secure for the tigers. The tiger population growth in India is a living proof of this. The ban on poaching and hunting has helped. The awareness campaigns have also made it possible. The stringent wildlife protection laws have also helped raising the tiger numbers in India.

After so many years of effort, we are getting good results. The tiger population growth in India is pleasant news for all of us. This regal animal needs to be saved. The king of the jungle must once again rule the jungles!

Images: Parveen Kaswan


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