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This Video Teaches You A Powerful Lesson On Judging Others

We are all so quick to judge one another. Judging is something just so innate these days. We don’t like someone’s clothes, we judge them, we don’t like the way they talk, we judge them. We, consciously or unconsciously, judge people in so many ways that it is beyond absurd.

Judging someone is one of the biggest malaises of our time. It causes so many problems and it disheartens others too. However, we, as a society, still don’t stop.

However, this video might change your perspective on judging because this is a video that teaches us one thing: DON’T JUDGE OTHERS. It also shows how wrong we can be too and to take a good look at your self as well.

In this super cool video, a young, handsome guy gets 5 donuts for $5. He then goes and sits in the waiting area and awaits his flight departure. On the same table sits a haggard old man, with his hair split and in full volume. His appearance shows that he is needy or maybe even homeless; at least that’s what the young guy thought too!

Judging Others

When the two sit on the table, there is a bag of donuts on the table. The young man takes out one and starts eating, while reading his paper but then, the old man takes out one donut from the same bag and starts eating too.

The young man doesn’t really like it because he thinks it is his bag of donuts and no one should be eating it, not at least without permission, but still tries to let go of the move by the old man. The young man goes back to reading his paper and then when he goes on to take his next donut, the old man, who seems to be doing some kind of work on his notebook, takes out another too.

So by now, both have had 2 donuts each. The young man did not like the old man’s second move but he STILL chose to ignore it. Though he did share an aggressive glance with him.

Now there’s just one donut left.


As the old guy gets up to leave for his flight, he takes out the last donut and splits it in half. He gives one half to the young man and keeps the other half to himself. He also shares a meaningful nod with the young man.

The young man is shocked at his audacity! The old man, however, still doesn’t say a word, just a look of acknowledgment and leaves. The young man isn’t happy, as he was being nice to share his donuts with an uninvited guest and shocked at how he split the last one in half too. It was his bag, his donuts!

Staying shocked and disappointed, the young man gets up for his flight, he picks up his bag from the chair and that’s when he sees that his own bag of donuts lying untouched under his bag. He is stunned in dismay. Turns out, it was the old man’s donuts they were having in the first place. Even he stays shocked!

Moral of the story: NEVER BE TOO QUICK TO JUDGE ANYONE. The young man didn’t appreciate an old, homeless looking man taking his donuts. However, he sympathized with him a little because he judged him on his appearance. None of it was true by the end of the video. The video shows us not to judge anyone and the power of odds. You can never be too sure about what’s going on around you or what the background of the other person is who you are judging. It also shows you the power of nice and that nice, simple, non-judgmental people also exist in this world.


Watch the full video here:

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