This Tiny Donkey With Identity Crisis Acts Like He Is A Dog

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Have you ever imagined a donkey as a house pet? Well – we know that it’s something that people will take a lot of time to wrap their heads around. Well, Tiny Tim is just that kind of donkey. Tiny Tim is a tiny donkey with an identity crisis. He loves to play with pillows and often engages in pillow fights with his dad. On top of that, he has a furry buddy, another dog, and he likes to imitate the dog. In the process, Tiny Tim became a tiny donkey with an identity crisis – he thinks of himself as a dog!

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Like a dog, Tiny Tim often fetches items and bites on pillows. He wags his tail and even licks the uncleaned dishes piled up in the dishwasher. He has even been housetrained to point at the door when he has to go out for pee-pee. If his mum goes out for two days, he waits for her. When she returns, Tiny Tim would circle around her and make honk to show off his happiness. He also has his own bouts of mischief. He loves to take pillows out of the room and drop it in the swimming pool. Once he had even dropped more than 20 pillows in the pool! The more one laughs at Tim, the more he becomes enthused and does his mischief.


He is a natural performer.

But things were not always like this with Tim. When his Mum, Jodie, found him in the barn, Tiny Tim looked like a rabbit. It was difficult to recognize this young donkey. Generally, after birth, a healthy donkey has a weight of 50-60 pounds. Tim’s was lower than 10. He was severely malnourished. When Jodie brought him to the vet, the vet said that Tim had a liver problem. It was difficult to predict if Tiny Tim could survive or not.


Jodie decided to give him a good home and lots of love. She took Tiny Tim to her home and fed him every 20 minutes every day for the entire 24 hours. After that, they went on to 40 minutes and then, to an hour. Slowly and steadily, Tiny Tim grew stronger and soon, he was scuttering away all around the house. He befriended his furry friend and soon, Tiny Tim became a tiny donkey with an identity crisis.

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At first, Jodie thought of reintroducing Tiny Tim to the wild but then, she reconsidered that option. Tiny Tim was really small and he could get killed by another donkey or even a horse. So, the house remained his home. Jodie saw that Tiny Tim was quite intelligent and it was much easier to train him than her dog.


Tiny Tim loves to laugh, honk, play and show off his doggie skills. After all, he is really grateful to find this home!

Credit: The Dodo

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