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This Street Musician Did Special Justice To “Nothing Else Matters” By Metallica

Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” is an all time hit. I remember when the song was released in the 90’s, nobody could get enough of it. A very soulful song with probably the best sound ever, “Nothing Else Matters” got the attention of many than most.

What is also true is that over time, a lot of people covered the song including professional musicians and bands.

Over the years, we have witnessed some super amazing covers of the song coming up and being done. However, we recently stumbled across a street musician playing a tribute to the all time hit song and I don’t think we have seen anything better yet.

The video that went viral shows the power of instruments. Few words describe how well this street musician played the guitar on the infamous song. All we saw was precision, meticulousness and a very crisp sound.


In fact, I think this was probably the crispiest sound I’ve heard for “Nothing Else Matters” so far. The precision with which this musician played his sound is commendable. He seems very focused, he knows what he is doing and he doesn’t lay off his fingers off the guitar. Also, his overall attire and persona shows that this musician doesn’t give two hoots about the outside world and means music… and music only!

People and passerby all seem to be enjoying his music, as some sit in front of him, enjoying their smokes and the sound, while some are seen dropping some money in his guitar box.

As a fan of music and Metallica per se, I thoroughly enjoyed this street musician play this song in particular. Usually, such songs don’t sound that good without vocals but guess what? This one did.


Metallica is a heavy metal band hailing from America. Founded in 1981, it is an all time favorite band of many than most. Metallica has had many hit singles to its credit including For Whom The Bell Tolls, One, The Unforgiven, Seek And Destroy, Fade To Black and many more.

Nothing beats Metallica and nobody can do justice to it… but guess what?  This guy just did!

Watch the video here:


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