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There are things around us too tiny for us to discern its stunning beauty or to see its delicate designs. Take, for instance, the humble but ethereal snowflakes. It is perfect in its symmetry and fleeting in its existence. And Alexey Kljatov has succeeded in unearthing the stunning beauty hidden within the bland facade of these tiny miracles.  The photographer has shown that every snowflake is an inimitable creation.


Kljatov has an extraordinary gift. He is able to capture the fleeting moments of these stunning creations. His creations are featured in Flickr. He captures the snowflakes at his house on the open balcony, mainly on glass surfaces. He uses an LED flashlight, focusing on both sides of the glass to illuminate each snowflake.

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ethereal snowflakes

These fragile creations are unique in detail, forming patterns and designs which only an expert artist can create. They are delicate but marvelous patterns etched in water’s dreams as they elegantly float like tiny feathers to the ground.

ethereal snowflakes

The most beautiful thing about the snowflakes is that each one is unique, never identical to the next one. These favorite symbols of winter are exquisitely beautiful and complex.


No two snowflakes are ever identical. The ethereal snowflakes begin its life as a dust grain floating in the cloud. Water in the cloud sticks to it and it turns into ice. This ice forms into a hexagon and changes its shape but retains the hexagonal structure. The adage that no two snowflakes are alike is mainly true for larger snowflakes. They are more developed before they fall to the ground, each one a unique piece of art. Snowflakes are visual miracles of nature.  

Kljatov has managed to capture the fleeting beauty of each snowflake before the design is lost forever as it melts. Ethereal snowflakes are the perfect embodiment of nature’s beautiful art forms.

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