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Ice-skating has always been a leisure time activity in the Scandinavian countries. Often considered to be one of the most adrenaline-infused activity amongst all, that the sheer level of dopamine triggered by the risk factor of ice skating drives people towards it!

But what if someone told you ice skating has a new difficulty level now? It’s called Nordic skating! In Nordic skating, one gets to perform ice skating on REALLY thin ice. This is mostly done on a lake outside the city of Stockholm, Sweden. The reason behind people’s desire to be a part of the Nordic skating experience? It is an amazing blend of visual aesthetics and aural aesthetics.

Skating on thin ice creates a magnificent sound – like a laser beam cutting through an element – which sounds even better with the calmness residing in the surrounding region.

Nordic skating involves a lot of precision to pull it off perfectly. One needs to take into account the average density of the ice level on top of the lake. With an accurate measure, it is then double-checked with Satellite map images of the lake as well.

The lake outside the city of Stockholm has an average density of 45 millimetres. The skaters are always advised to be in groups to avoid any kind of danger. People wondered for ages how the thin layer of ice managed to hold up a grown-up person’s weight.

The weight distribution occurs like that of an arch-shaped dome. The weight of the person is counterbalanced by the tremendous weight of water underneath the thin layer of ice. This creates an equilibrium which allows the skater to breeze across the lake in style!

Nordic skating has taken over the tourism market of Sweden, Finland and Norway over the years. The ideal time to do Nordic skating is right after the season of fall i.e., late October to Late January. The temperature and overall weather condition are perfect during this time to pull off the adventurous ride!

Nordic skating is gradually taking over other countries as well. It has recently been introduced to the land of Canada as well, where the “black ice skate race” (as they popularly call it) has attracted attention as well. We are looking forward to being a part of this entire experience sometime in our future! Are you?


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