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This 5 Year Old Rapper Stuns Audiences At Sweden’s Got Talent

Sweden’s Got Talent is one of Sweden’s biggest talent show. Many come on the show to showcase their talents. However, not all of them make the cut.

Also, as a part of the show, exceptional performances get acknowledged by a golden buzzer. The buzzer is also the contestant’s definite gateway to the next round.

Recently, a 5-year-old rapper at Sweden’s Got Talent made exceptional rounds with his insane rapping skills. With his age and size, one wouldn’t expect something like this to be coming out of his mouth. However, it is true and it happened in front of an entire panel/audience. Everybody was left stunned.

Osama-Sweden's Got Talent
Osama-Sweden’s Got Talent

Say hello to Osman, the rapper who stunned everybody, including the judges at Sweden’s Got Talent.


As he put on the show, everybody started grooving with him. This included all the judges . I saw some jumping out of their seats. Others were left in utter dismay.

Osman is a powerhouse kid. He started out soft. Soon after, he put on an entire show. The whole team of Sweden’s Got Talent loved his performance. Osman got a standing ovation from three judges and the crowd. As they stood to appreciate him, there were goosebumps all over.

Osman was accompanied by his father. As the story revealed, Osman’s father revealed that his kid struggled with serious sickness at a very tender age. He was a special kid who suffered from a lot. Everybody teared up listening to Osman’s story.

Everybody also chanted his name as the performance ended. The judges, after it ended, said very positive things. And once the performance was over, guess what happened next?


Osman got the GOLDEN BUZZER.

Before the golden buzzer, Osman’s dad or “papa” was called on stage. He was complimented for his son’s performance and talent.

At the end, Osman got a golden buzzer, as golden confetti fell from the stage. The judges rushed to hug him. It was a proud moment for the kid and the audiences. Even I teared up.

Watch the video here:


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