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These Detailed Cake Arts Will Mesmerize You And Hurt You If You Try To Eat Them

Cakes have always been used as those wonderful desserts, which you eat a little, and put on your face a lot more! Most of us just love cakes. Baking a good cake is an art. It has evolved into various forms like pastries with cream, decorative fondants as toppings, etc. And now, with social media, people are putting a lot of effort into making cake arts. Yep – you might not even want to eat these cake arts – they look so beautiful. The people making cake arts are known as cake artists. They also have their individual contents. Zhou Yi is a cake artist who won the 2017 First International Best Prize at Cake International. This is the biggest cake competition in the world held in the United Kingdom.

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Zhou Yi is known as the Sugar King. His hands are skilled in making cakes, and he puts in an incredible amount of details in his cakes. He uses his hands carefully to mold the fondant into an almost life-like human figure. They look like dolls made of porcelain. To capture his own tradition, Zhou Yi’s cake decorations represent Chinese culture and tradition. One of his most praised works is on Wu Zetian – the first and the only female Chinese Emperor. This was the cake presented in the competition and the detailed eyelashes mesmerized the judges and the viewers.

As many say, practice makes perfect. Zhou Yi took a lot of time to learn the technique of dough modeling and food carving in China. He has become a grandmaster when it comes to molding fondant. He has a workshop in Suzhou and he posts his amazing work there for his followers.


Sleeping Beauty

Cake arts


Am I looking beautiful?

Arts on cake



Wild Peacock

Designed cake


Don’t let the book fall, sweet girl.




Shaolin Monk

Monk on cake


Princess in the island

Cake Arts Lady

I’m a Barbie Girl, in the frosting world

Barbie cake



Dancing till the end of times

Cake arts


Catch me if you can

Cake arts



Moon Goddess

Moon cake arts


Jack Sparrow is back!

Jack sparrow cake


Let me see the world on my own

Cake arts


Are you looking for me?

delicious Cake arts



New Samurai Jack

samurai cake arts


Let me unsheathe my water sword

Water-sword cake arts



The Lady of the Waters

Beautiful cake arts


Don’t mess with the Mesopotamian King

King cake arts



Love Birds

Love bird cake


A lovely scene in the garden

garden cake arts



I am independent

I am independent


Let me fly to the moon

Beautiful cake



Am I bothering you?

Cake arts ideas


I have so much wisdom, but no one to listen.

Old man cake



Will you play with me?

Beautiful lady cake

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Sisters forever

Cake arts

Art needs no boundaries and Yi’s cake arts show just that. They are truly magnificent.



All images: Skzhouyi



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