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The Walking Piano, Watch ‘Pianoforte Gigante’ Exercise While Making Music On Their ‘Oversized Synthesizer’

Out of all the creative inventions in the world of art, the Walking Piano is surely one of the best. It is also known as the Big Piano and was created by Remo Saraceni.

This instrument combines the playful nature of music, dance and drama. It is an “oversized synthesizer” where the players tap their feet dancing all over the laid down piano. You can see its different versions present in museums, art libraries, children’s hospitals or other public places all over the world.

We also have few communities of artists who have taken the Big Piano installed in the museums or the hospitals into the world of performance.


Here, we are talking about New York based ‘Pianoforte Gigante’ who posted videos of their artists on the YouTube performing the Walking Piano, which went viral all over the social media. They recently performed at the Prestige Event on the already viral and catchy songs Despacito and Sube la ma radio.

Watch their latest performance on Despacito song:

There are four performers in the video tapping the music out of the Walking Piano where their profound collusion creates the melodious tune of the songs. Audiences were surprised by the way they managed to create tune out of the instrument.


Even a single offkey could damage the whole performance. So much so if there is one player performing then it is easier to create the music unlike in the group performance where you have to remember yours as well as your partners’ movement on the piano. One of the performers did a somersault all over the piano that created such a rhythmic tone of the song. Undoubtedly, they are awesome at what they do.

Interestingly, The Big Piano is always remembered with the super-hit Hollywood film- Big starring Tom Hanks. In 1988, at the request of the director of the film, Penny Marshall, a version of the Big Piano was created especially for the film where

Tom Hanks played the Walking Piano for the first time, performing for the audiences. Everyone appreciated his efforts in the very performance. Until 2013, the specifically-designed piano was stored in the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Few years ago, it was indeed a magical moment when Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock recreated the Walking Piano scene from the film- Big on a British late night show- The Jonathan Ross Show. Reportedly, they came for the promotion of their upcoming films.

We need performers like Pianoforte Gigante who strive to keep the unique creations alive among us with their efforts in the field of art. For your convenience, there are a few links attached at the end of the article. You can virtually witness the magic yourself by clicking on the links below.




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