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Ecstatic Joy On Violin Sounds “The Trouble Notes” Music Will Make You Want More

The Trouble Notes story begins when Bennet moved from Indiana to New York City and finally began taking ownership of his prodigious musical gifts. He began to realize that call was coming from his violin—his music was meant to spread healing and joy worldwide.

“It all happened gradually, there are little whispers, and then one day you wake up and say ‘screw it. Something emotional happens, and what you’ve been thinking about for months becomes a reality.”

By the time Bennet decided to cut ties and move to London, he already earned his bones on the streets of New York.

The Trouble Notes – Survivor Cover



The Berlin-based trio is Bennet Cerven violin, Florian Eisenschmidt guitar, and Oliver Maguire percussion.
An enchanting violin is the voice of the trio accompanied by the groove of the cajón paired with a rhythmic guitar building the incomparable sound of the band. Their music doesn’t need words to convey stories or foster connections. Resonating across all genres and cultures with visionary and accessible compositions, the trio’s aesthetic conjures the intrepid contemporary sounds of EDM, hip-hop, and indie rock along with the disciplined traditions of classical, klezmer and jazz.
Through their art of storytelling, the group invites their audience to join them on a cultural and geographical expedition. Everyone that joins the universe of The Trouble Notes remains a part of it, and often morph from a normal concertgoer into a true Troublemaker- sharing in the journey of the group.

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The Trouble Notes – Lose Your Ties Official Video


“Lose Your Ties” is about the transformation from a Wall Street Office to a life of music and travel. A move from a high-rise to a street corner in the pursuit of a passion. In the video you see the transformation of a man who boldly uproots his stable life and journeys into the unknown. Faced with all the challenges that lie ahead, he is overtaken with emotions, the excitement but also a fear of the daunting mountains he must climb.

The Trouble Notes – Christoph live on the Seine (Paris, France)

During our March 2018 tour of France, we found ourselves in Paris with a few free days. Video anyone? After walking around with our friend Ewen Simeon for an hour looking for a great place to film a little impromptu video, we caught this little corner right at the base of the Seine in the heart of the city. Where better to soak in the beautiful and historic Parisian skyline?

Rocky Roads to République


The last 18 days in Paris were like a dream. Paris was an inspiring cradle of creativity. Living in a tiny 10sqm flat in Avenue Juan Juarès The Trouble Notes dove right into their love affair with the old Celtic City. Debaucherous exploring was predestined for the dark hours of Mondays. It was at nightfall when the streets came in manifold shades and the reflections of the canals lingered around in the mind of the day. The versatility of the city shaped the new song allowing it to come to life in less than a day.

The Trouble Notes – Celtic Vibes St Patrick`s Day

Filmed in Alsace on 17 March, 2018. This is a tasty new jam that we are working on, mixing Celtic music with tarantella!

The Trouble Notes shows are amazing, but what is more interesting is the reactions they get when playing on the streets. Every time they manage to gather a impressive crowd of joyful people around.


The Trouble Notes – Christoph (Live at STRAMU Würzburg)

Having played over 400 shows in 15 different countries The Trouble Notes have managed to build a loyal fanbase with their unique and energetic performances all around the world. Fascinated by the manifold encounters, the band serenades from one magical place to the next. In their packed van, they drive through Europe. A never-ending adventure living their theme…

„Music from everywhere for everyone“.

The Trouble Notes – Live in Paris 2017

The Trouble Notes music does not need words to convey stories or foster connections. The group’s name is irreverently playful, just like their music can be. It conjures the concept of learned musicianship – when thought as a twist on “treble notes” – and it conjures their virtuosity, as in they are playing the “trouble notes.” But most appropriately the handle evokes daring creativity, music that stirs up something within the listener.


In most major cities around the world, you will find Street musicians at the corners of major city blocks, subway stations and often open spaces with a lot of crowd. Street performance also known as busking is the act of performing in public places for gratuities.

The Trouble Notes – Live in Paris 2018

There have been performances in public places for gratuities in every major culture in the world, dating back to history. For most musicians back then, street performance was the most common means of employment before the advent of recording devices and personal electronics. In those ancient times listening to a performer in the street was the only way to hear music. The term busking is attributed to the Romans who introduced it to England during their travels along the Mediterranean coast to Spain, the Atlantic and then up the north of England and the rest of Europe.


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