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The Staircase Story Featuring Pets

Climbing the stairs can be tiresome. These fur babies show us how to master the art of gliding down the staircase or finding a totally different way to crawl! 

Who actually walks down the steps? It is too mainstream for this furball who decided to glide on the stairs because that’s more fun right? Look at him go with gusto!

Another kitten has leveled up the game by a notch by using the empty box as its car. Really innovative don’t you think? It has made the staircase its amusement park.


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Life is mighty difficult, especially for a cute little husky with tiny legs! Look at the little baby struggling to climb up the staircase. He was doing a great job until he lost his balance and tumbled all the way down. However, all of us should learn from his “try again” attitude. Failure doesn’t have to end with the loss of hope.


We all have that one friend who does difficult things with such panache that you think it’s easy-peasy? That is exactly what happens to this poor cat. His friend went down the staircase with style and grace but he failed miserably. The poor cat slipped on the mats and looks absolutely confused! 

This dog is a whole mood. Isn’t this an accurate description of how you drag yourself to university on a Monday morning? This definitely captures a sleepy head struggling out of bed and gliding on the staircase.


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Friendship is all about doing stupid things together and being happy about it. That is exactly what this little girl and her dog is doing. Also, we should be open to learning new things just like the girl is learning the dog-walk.

Wow! The mountain climbing cat looks like she’s related to Catwoman.


When you are enjoying the party and your friend tries to drag you home. We feel you sweet doggo, life isn’t easy!

This good boy overcame his fear and conquered the stairs.


When you learn a new dance move and can’t wait to show it to your friends. Look at this cat crawling in his own unique way!

Watch the video here:


Pets can be a handful but aren’t they absolutely adorable? They are the best support system and will keep you entertained with their quirks.



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