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The Smallest Things In Life Matter More When Someone Makes It A Point To Remember Them


I have always found it rather easy to remember the big things, the big events in someone’s life. In fact, the ‘someone’ doesn’t even have to be a special someone. It could be a colleague, an acquaintance, a far-off relative, anyone about whom you would get notified by Facebook if you have forgotten them. It is rather convenient, isn’t it? All it needs is to be connected via the Internet and you don’t have to worry about actually remembering anything. But what about those moments that Facebook doesn’t capture? What about the moment they were with you when you needed them? Facebook doesn’t have a setting for that. Let me tell you from my personal experiences- the smallest things in life matter.

It isn’t vanity, it isn’t arrogance. It is simply knowing that this person means the world to me and I have to know everything there is to know about them. I have to know the littlest of facts that the rest of the world might find boring or useless. I need to know what flavor of ice-cream you prefer, and I need to know what your favorite book is. I need to be there, not just for the bigger moments- not just for your birthdays, not just for your celebrations. But also when you are at your lowest- I need to be there for the smallest things in life.

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It would be very easy to just meet anyone once a year and wish them a glorious birthday. But how many would take the time to go grocery shopping with you and notice the littlest things about you? My friend, I can’t stress enough how the smallest of things matter! For, trust me, the other person will know. The other person will be grateful.

If you buy a cake for someone, go all the way to their place and give them when they are sick. They will remember. If you help them out with their smallest of things, be it a school project, they will remember. It doesn’t always have to be a grand party or a grand display. Sometimes, all it needs is a warm shoulder to put your head on. And that works fine too! Remember, you could give them the stars, but nothing will matter until you show them the reality. And this is reality.


When you care about the littlest things that might affect them, you are caring on a daily basis. You want to be there when they buy fruits, so the next day you can buy it for them. If they are afraid of crossing the road alone, you would want to hold their hand. To a third person, this will feel normal. To the person you are doing this all for, they will notice. It doesn’t take long for someone to understand when you are treating them special.

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And before you decide to get all huffy and puffy about it, relax. The smallest things in life matter as much as the biggest things. All one needs to feel is the pure emotion that is coming out of you. If you truly love someone or care for them, your actions would show- be it big or small.

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