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The Ocean Cleanup Project Now Includes Solar-Powered Barges To Clean Rivers

Everyone has experienced a moment of epiphany when things become clearer and you understand all that is around you. This experience usually leads to a drastic change in lifestyle or personal relationships. Meet the Dutch guy who not only shaped his life but was inspired to bring a global change. Boyan Slat went to Greece for a diving trip at the age of 16. He was taken aback by the amount of plastic in the ocean instead of more fish. He was determined to do something about the dismal condition and two years later he came up with The Ocean Cleanup project.

This twenty-five-year-old Dutch entrepreneur has recently created barges that run on solar owe and collect trash from the river before it reaches the ocean. He deploys the cleanup machines along the path of the ocean current. The trash enters the machine with the flow and is then deposited on the shore for recycling.


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The main source of ocean pollution is trash carried by the rivers. It makes up 80% of the rubbish in the ocean. The “interceptor” is solar-powered and is modeled to scoop out trash from the water body. It does so with the help of a conveyor belt that is attached to it. The collected trash is brought to the shuttle and then to the dumpster on the shore. From the dumpster, the trash is taken for recycling. Around 220,000 pounds of trash can be collected in a single day using this process.

If you are keen on cleaning the rivers near you, go visit their website. You can contribute to the fund that goes into the making and working of the inceptors. The aim of the organization is to bring down the level of water pollution by 2025. Currently, they are planning to clean the Klang River of Malaysia and the Cengkareng Drain of Indonesia.


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Every step counts towards healing the earth. Boyan Slat’s initiative may motivate others to create new avenues and change the way of the world. Go support the Ocean Cleanup!



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