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The Joy Of Giving


My 90-year-old grandmother, who gets medical reports equivalent to A+ every time she gives a test has only one piece of advice, “Sit on your ass and eat and you won’t be eating for much longer. Make yourself run for the bite instead and share”. In simpler words. receiving more is not as rewarding as the sheer joy of giving.

Urban lives have taken a turn for the worse and of all things, like health, leisure, and stuff, interpersonal relationships have taken the worst hit. People do not want to expend time, money or even kindness on anything that does not have a payout. While humans are growing in number, qualities that make them human are degrading. It becomes more and more essential thus to learn the value of sharing and experiencing the joy of giving.

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Giving Not Always Expensive

Giving does not always mean donating. It is perfectly acceptable to give service where someone needs an extra pair of hands or give a shoulder to lean on. You can give a hand when someone is lifting something heavy. Or give up your seat on the bus. You can give advice or even tokens of appreciation to show them that they are important. It does not always have to be about giving money.

It Creates A Ripple Of Goodness

One kind action leads to another. Turn away from a person who needs help and they will learn that the world is selfish and the only way to treat people is with selfishness. However, offer your help to a person in need and they will know humanity and the value of sharing.


Giving Sows Peace

Being able to give anything to others means that you have learned to be happy with what you have. It does not have to be extravagant but it should be significant. It shows care and concern. It shows your effort. It is crucial in today’s world to make our loved ones feel loved and live amicably with others. It is a good thing thus that the joy of giving increases with giving.

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It Liberates You

The more we keep to ourselves the more attached and confined we become. But to give away even the things which we cherished once liberates us. We are free to start anew. We are free to make new experiences. We are free. But this idea of liberation does not come easily to most of us.


Sorrows decrease when shared just as joy increases. And if joys make us a better person then the joy of giving makes us ten times more so.

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