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The Fighters Today

There was a time when warriors used to be revered like gods! They had immense strength (or at least so we are told).

Take Hercules for example, the guy could uproot trees and pillars like they were nothing! Zeus is another such example.

But nowadays, fighters are weak. Or shall we say, weak people are calling themselves fighters! Look at the gentleman in this gif, for example.

Practicing hitting like a true fighter, flexing and swinging his arms and legs. Jumping like a monkey. And finally, charging ahead like a bull.


But when he faces an opponent (who only slapped him), our fighter gets defeated! He falls to the ground, not like Hercules, but more like a cub by his mother.

What a shame! So much of showing off for getting pathetically beaten up. The man should train harder and get stronger.

It resembles certain life situations when we think that we are the hero. But then reality hit us in the face and we realize what we really are. Weak.

Well, never mind, it’s just a life lesson. What lesson, you ask? Well…don’t pick up fights with people stronger than yourselves, of course!


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