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The Elastic Devil!

We have all had our tryst with the famous elastic band. We like to use it to tie things up and they are pretty convenient too.

But if, by any chance, you get to pull it and then it retracts – God damn – that wound is going to burn.

You may have seen old movies and thought of catapults as something cool! Yep, you may not get a catapult easily nowadays but the elastic band works on the same principle.

Maybe this cat was inspired by the catapult too. She has forgotten the proverb, curiosity kills the cat.


Trying to catapult the elastic band as far as she good, this cat got the wrath of the band straight to her face. Imagine the shrieks!

It was such an unexpected shot from the harmless elastic band. Who knew that such a tiny thing can possess such massive power!

Yeah – you can see her fall almost flat and then run away. Well, as we said – that’s going to burn. Elastic bands are best kept unstretched.

You wouldn’t like to have a scar on your face now, would you now? Well, that harmless little thing is actually a devil – if you aren’t careful around it.


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