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The Danish Capital Copenhagen To Have Communal Trees Adorning The Roads

The Danish government recently passed a rule that announced that Copenhagen would soon have communal trees lining the roads. This will ensure that people don’t have to splurge on snacks if they feel hungry. They would simply be able to pluck the delicious fruits from the trees and have it at leisure. In a world where countries are busy fighting each other, and their own citizens, Denmark is an example in itself. The proposal is to plant apple and blackberry trees in communal areas like churchyards, parks, etc.

When we are running on a schedule to fast track modernity into our lives, this is an ambitious and interesting project by the government. The main aim is simply to connect the citizens with their roots. Who knows, this might actually help in the diversification of the Danish cuisine- a mixture of the old and the new?

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In case people are wondering about the suddenness of this decision, foraging is deeply rooted in Danish culture. People were allowed to pluck fruits from private properties which had a footpath running through them. In the middle ages, people were allowed to even grow such trees in public places. All this simply to increase the fraternity and brotherhood people feel. And honestly, in these troubling times, unity is an expensive commodity.


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Interestingly, the pros are far-reaching. With this rule, children will be able to know more about their cuisine, tradition, and history. With the changes in technology, it is probably a good idea to bring in a touch of history too- even if it is via communal trees. Also, the consumption of healthy fruits would promote a generation of fit people, all striving towards ecological and biological consciousness.

The communal trees would be made available to non-Danish visitors through an iOS and Android all called Vild Mad, which loosely translates to ‘Wild Food’. This app would translate the directions in their language of choice, while also providing interesting snippets about the fruit, the historical importance of the location, and what delicacy can be cooked with it. This app will be of much use to people who have never faced such an interesting development in their own country. For, apart from giving them a brief overview of what to expect, it will also increase their dexterity over the language.

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We believe that this has been a major step towards connecting the traditions of old with the new. And, the growth and production of trees would definitely benefit the environment. So, why not simply go to one of these communal trees and try a fruit for yourself? McDonald’s can wait.


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