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The ‘Birdman’: Christian Moullec Takes Flight With Birds

Animals like human beings, deserve kindness, compassion and love. It is essential for us to realise that animals shouldn’t be taken for granted just because they are animals and are not gifted with the ability to express themselves through words.

They are a creation of God just like us and appreciating their presence and not harming them is the least we could do, if not take care of them.

This video depicts how pilot Christian Moullec shares his everyday schedule with birds and the amazing experiences he gathers. Also considered as the “birdman”, Christian uses his ultra-light aircraft almost every day to gain an enriching experience with the birds by flying with them.

He not only flies alone but also lets other people have the opportunity to fly high along with the birds. He started this innovative idea to help the birds migrate to a suitable place, way back in 1995. Ever since, he has efficiently taken up the responsibility of helping and protecting the geese that fall out of their flock.


Even the geese tend to feel protected while being with him and are not afraid to fly along his aircraft. This indeed feels like a magical moment where you can actually have your childhood dreams of flying like a bird, come true. It is a splendid opportunity which you shouldn’t let go of.

However, all of it is a result of the tenderness and compassion that a human being is supposed to have towards animals. It is only when you consider them to be worthy of love and affection, that they will feel secured in your presence.

The airplane he has built seems like a hang glider, for it literally hangs in the air, waiting for the geese to fly along with it, sharing in the space, the freedom that is due for any creature on earth.

It is beautiful, to reiterate the notion that the dichotomy between humans and birds can be nulled, if humans as a whole took it upon themselves to fix the centuries of torture that has been bestowed upon these poor birds, that has almost left them extinct.


The world belongs to us all, so we have no jurisprudence to interrupt other creatures from enjoying what is theirs. Similarly, it is in our nature to evolve, and the highest form of evolution would be to grow wings and feel the sun on your back, as you swivel through the brightly lit sky, in unbridled freedom.

But, since that would take a few more millennia to evolve, it is up to us to use science to get as close to that dream as we can.

This is exactly what Moullec’s tool is all about. To get as close to nature, and beings in their natural habitat, without disturbing either of them, or breaking the homeostasis that is prevalent, since time immemorial.

Moullec’s story is a testament to what can happen if one uses their mind, to constructive purposes and actually take the time to think about something other than their own selves. This is a salute to his dedication, and humane nature.



Written by Mayukh Saha


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