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The Absence Of Some People Can Be A Boon For You


Let me just tell you this- you won’t have the same number of people at your beck and call all the time. Sometimes people leave, and that’s fine. If you think that the absence of some people is going to be a major loss to you, you’re wrong. After all, and let’s be honest here, of all the ‘friends’ you thought you had, how many mooched off of you? Or, how many simply criticized every single move of yours just because they wanted to? Now, rethink. Is losing them really a loss at the end of the day? Doesn’t it suspiciously feel like a breath of fresh air? I am not going to be the one saying it, but you feel it, right?

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See, we would be extremely self-righteous and naïve if we believe that every human is wishing well for us. That is not possible. Even you aren’t thinking the best for (at least) one person. And that’s fine! You don’t have to be the caretaker of everyone. But don’t start screaming at them if they cut you off of their lives. The absence of some people can sometimes do well to us. It’s natural- you find someone toxic for you, and someone else finds you toxic. Therefore, there is no need to stop someone from leaving, simply due to the fear of being lonely. Wherever they are, they are doing fine we hope. So should you.


We know, it hurts at the moment. You must be thinking about all the good times that you shared. You’re thinking about all the fun and frolic that you had. You’re maybe even thinking of dropping them a text. But hold on to that thought for a second. Just go back to the time when you had a fall out with them. What made you guys go separate ways in the first place? There must be some reason, right? You must get the point that if there was a reason for falling out- it must’ve been a good one. The absence of some people does hurt considering the memories you built together. But you need to realize that it is better if they went their ways, and you went yours.

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Who knows, maybe they were stopping you from reaching your true potential? Maybe they were a major obstacle in your path to success, and vice-versa? Remember, falling outs don’t always have to be the result of a minor disagreement. Sometimes, people fall out because of a difference in principles, morals, and a general way of living.

The absence of some people in your life for the above reasons is, in fact, a boon. You must realize that not every person you lose is a loss.

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