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Sweden Updates Blood Donors When Their Blood Saves Someone And Encourages Other Blood Donors To Contribute Their Blood

In the Western world, we are facing a severe problem – the blood donation rates are falling fast. People just don’t seem to be motivated to donate their blood. It’s quite a tragedy since blood donation is quite important – many people will require that donated blood to survive. Plus, blood is produced again, so it’s not quite a loss for the donor. But then, there is a definite change in the trends of blood donors.

And so, Sweden has taken a new kind of initiative to draw donors to blood donation again. They send automatic SMS to blood donors when the donated blood is being used for a patient. Generally, people who are donating blood get a ‘Thank You’ SMS, but now, they can also receive another update when the blood is being used. This makes them understand how important their blood was for someone’s life. It is a positive feedback loop that encourages them to come back.

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Once this thing got out into social media, people are all in praise of this method. The donors who receive this text can also talk about it with their friends and encourage them to donate blood too. It will have a great impact on their lives and make them feel special. With social and traditional media promoting this news – it is making a major impact all over the planet.


This method began in Stockholm at first, about 3 years ago, but now, it has been transported to other areas too in Sweden. It brings a lot of light on the blood donation scene which is crippling at this moment in the Western countries.

Britain has seen a decline in the rate of blood donations too. NHS has found out that it is 40% lesser now than it was a decade ago. NHS Blood and Transplant service is looking to increase the donations and create a viral marketing campaign for this one. In the National Blood Donation Week, the street signs present in Britain had A and O signs missing, which represents the blood types.

The decline of blood donors cannot be ignored. It is possible to meet the patients’ needs now due to pre-existing stock. But it’s always better to keep stock for the future. Sweden was facing such a problem too and so, they opted for transparency. They have opened a website where the public can see the amount of blood left in their stock. This is updated in real-time. They believe that just by informing people that stocks are low is not the right way. Rather, a complete transparency is the best way to go.


Sweden understands that social media is a great way to go forward and it is trying to use its power to encourage young donors to come forward. They have also asked donors to sign a contract where they can be sent text messages, whenever necessary. Some have even taken to light-hearted messaging like saying ‘We won’t give up until you bleed’.

Most countries are trying to make people understand that their contribution is really very important.

Hopefully, these methods can stop the decline of blood donation. In the UK, you can register as a donor here:


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