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Susana Silva -Street Music, Amazing Voice

You will be amazed by the voice of this beautiful street performer!

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Some vocalists sing the sweet melodies of folk in haunting melodic tones. Some singers belt the blues with gravel and rage, and some cascade fountains of smooth jazz onto their audience. Susana Silva comes under an entirely different set of performers, in that her style is totally indefinable. Why? Because when she raises the microphone stand and opens her mouth, everybody is too distracted by the sheer scale of her talent to really notice what “box” she fits into. I can think of only one catergory, which can be described as “that goose-bump, hair-standing-one-end type of singer”.
Street music has probably been around as long as there have been streets.




The economics of playing for music next to an open guitar case has an ancient simplicity. There is no middleman, no stockholder, and no investment bank involved in the process; just a pure and direct exchange between artist and audience, and this might be why street music is so important.

Alicia Keys, Fallin, cover by Susana Silva – busking in the streets of London, UK



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