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Suicide Rates Are Rising And The Societal Structure Is At Fault

It is no longer news that suicide rates are rising all over the US. It’s a tragic thing that is happening and we are not even close to finding the solution. Or maybe the solution is right under our nose – we are just acting blind. That’s the problem of willful ignorance – even when we know what’s wrong – we try to ignore it.

But we can’t ignore it any longer. The people are rising and becoming aware. And if you are someone who is suffering from the problems of our society – then be aware – there is a change in the air. A Reuters report talked about the rise of suicide rates all over the US. And as usual, they asked for new depression drugs, more potent ones that could help us hide our depressive traits.

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But drugs – are they really the answer? No, we are not saying that depression drugs don’t work. Neither are we depression is a joke. But if we take into account the rise of suicide rates, are we really going to just put it under the umbrella term of depression? Is there nothing more to it? Or are we, like always, hiding something deeper?


Well, a man in the comment has revealed part of the truth. And it’s astounding, no doubt. According to this man, suicide might be a result of depression, but we need to find the reason WHY we are depressed. Just pumping us up with depression drugs isn’t going to bring down the suicide rates. There are serious systemic changes that need to be conducted.

Let’s start with the student loans. The student loans are huge and disastrous for the life of a student. They need to go to a costly college to get a good job and when they do get a good job, they end up paying up the debt amount. It’s as if they have entered into a phase of studying for no reason but to remain poor for a significant period of time till they get out of the debt. They work a lot and are not paid enough for their work. There is no respect for their talents.

On the other hand, they can’t really fulfill their dreams. Let alone the grand American dream – that dream is in ruins already. A simple dream of getting treated when you are sick or having a family is not getting fulfilled these days. The medical costs are rising and there are no free health charges. Home loans are too much to afford and if you back it up with the massive student loans, you have almost zero chances of getting a sustainable shot at living.

And out of all these, you still look at people driving their Porshe and Ferrari down the highway as if it’s paradise. We are realizing that the top 1% will always remain well off while exploiting the bottom 99%. And frankly, we are sick of it.


It’s time for a change. It’s time for a stronger economy. We don’t need drugs anymore.

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