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Stavroz Brings In A New Genre Of Soulful Electronic Music

Music is one of the best ways to soothe our lives, an art that cleanses our soul, moves it, makes us feel perturbed according to situations and rejuvenates our memory. We choose to play music, depending upon our mood.

It relaxes and exhilarates in the most calming way. Music is also a unique source of connecting different languages, emotions, worlds together in a melodious manner. Irrespective of the genre in which the music falls, it tends to enhance the aesthetic taste of man. There can be no person on earth who cannot or does not connect with music. At times, music is also used as a therapy.

The given video is a live performance of a band named Stavroz. The band was formed by DJs IJsbrand, De Wilde and Gert Beazar, who tried to come together and channelize their assets in a correct and coordinated way. Later, two other members joined the group, Maxim Helincks and Pieter De Meester.

You Can Watch The Full Set Here :


The group was formed in 2011. The performance mentioned here is that of a live performance at Spain. The setting of the performance is at the top of a hill, at Fort Saint Eynard demarcated by a boundary. The instruments used to create the melody are guitars, a keyboard and a trumpet.

The quintessential factor of the band is the use of unique and aesthetic live sets to hold their performances. They perform all year round, throughout the world. The music is generally an acoustic version of the generic electronic music, thereby giving it a beautiful organic charm. The band successfully creates music which manages to bring about a beautiful and comforting substance.

The locations selected for live performances, tend to add a magical touch to the music created. The music creates a peaceful trance for the listener. Often, the music seems to be played like that of the ones in orchestral fashion. Listening to such music with closed eyes, is experiencing the tranquility of another world.


The music transcends you to a realm of dream which encompasses an unreachable destination where everything else, seems to turn banal. The music also includes certain amount of melancholy to make the music seem more soulful.

The genre of music played by the band is electronic. The uniqueness of this form of music is the use of electronic instruments, digital instruments. Instruments used for producing this kind of music, generally include strings, electrical magnets, amplifiers and loudspeakers. The origin of this music dates back to the nineteenth century in Europe.   

You can follow these awesome guys here : StavrozMusic


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