Start Your Day With These Cute Dogs Meeting UPS Drivers

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UPS dogs is a Facebook page which allows people, especially UPS drivers to click pictures with friendly domestic dogs and send them to their page. This comes as a brief interval of fun and frolic in the life of a UPS driver, who already has a lot on his plate.

This Facebook page was created in 2013 by Sean McCarren, who simply wanted to devote some time to the furry dogs who would light up a portion of their day with their hilarious antics. Needless to say, UPS dogs have a major reach on both Instagram and Facebook.

Here are some of the adorable pictures of dog-UPS interactions.


‘Waiting for Your Divine Presence, my Liege!’

‘You are in the wrong neighborhood pal, but is that a treat that I see?’

‘Here’s the ball- why not keep it rolling?’

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‘Here’s my friend Jerry, and he wants to be your friend too!’

‘A deer and a dog once met a UPS Driver- you know what happens next.’

‘I’m all for the LGBTQ movement, dawg.’

‘Oi, can you pick me up?’

‘Come play with us, Danny.’

‘I have seen many a moon, old friend.’

‘Paws on wheels is a hustler if nothing else.’

‘We are your friendly neighborhood alsatians. And we bring gifts of luck, happiness, and prosperity.’

‘You got a friend in need, you got a friend indeed!’

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‘You ain’t got nothing on my smile, dawg.’

‘Yeah, we are the living rendition of Old Macdonald and his farm. Now get off this property.’

‘You are my bestest friend. For life.’

Dogs are kind, generous, and the kind of friends you need in your life. So, why not allow these UPS drivers to have the same enjoyment for at least 5 minutes in their extremely busy day?

Mayukh Saha

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