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Something Unique To Alaska: Moose Strolling On The Road

If you see any rat or cat per se running hither and tither on the road, you just ignore it as it is rarely an incident. However, what would you do if you witness a gigantic Moose in the middle of the road at midnight? It is crazy. Isn’t it? Nevertheless if you are in Alaska then it is just a typical incident. Just Alaska! Right?

A guy found a giant moose roaming the streets at midnight in Alaska, and films it that goes viral all over the social media. You will see that the guy is driving in the video, and out of the blue he sees something unique and unusual- a huge Moose strolling on the roads! In the video, the incredible size of the Moose is quite visible.

The cars running on the other side of the road seems pretty small in compare to the size of the animal. No wonder, people are fascinated about the creature. They are so surprised and curious seeing the Moose that few of them reverse their vehicle just to move parallel to the creature or to capture it in their mobile phones.


There have been few interesting comments on the internet regarding the moose strolling in the street of Alaska. One person calls it “veteran”, and asks for some respect towards it as it is the survivor of the prehistoric wars.

Some other guy tells about the rumor he had heard about the creature that it could even flip a car if troubled or pissed, and when the person witnessed its gigantic structure he was forced to believe the rumor. Another one expresses his love and care for it where he claims that its hind leg is jacked and needs attention, and recovery.

He goes to the extent where he blesses the moose- “God bless this Moose”. On the other hand, there is someone who speculates a filmy plot where the Moose hurts the people in their dreams and the wounds remain when they wake up, and now they have to find the Moose and kill it before it kills them.


Nonetheless, the funniest one from the comments is where someone compares the phenomena with the moose doing KiKi challenge. Few people believed a film scene coming true when they saw it besides their vehicles. In almost all the comments the people are shocked and surprised with the size that the moose has. It appears extremely huge!

Just a typical thing in Alaska! That’s all you can infer from the video you watch on social media. The nature with its playful tone always surprises mankind. Always.


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