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Sneak Attac

Look at this little dog? He is going for the sneak attac 100%. His owner has carefully placed a whole box of ripe apples in the storehouse.

Maybe he asked his dog to keep a watch on it. Well, he chose a great guard indeed.  Maybe it was the smell of the ripe apples.

It must have smelled like Spring after such a cold winter.

He just goes and scratches against the box. He sniffs and finds a soft spot and slowly, nuzzles it. Yes, he is successful.


There is the small hole he was looking for. He squeezes his muzzle through that small hole and his nose hits the spot – the ripe apple.

How can he leave it now? He has gone beyond the point of return. Slowly, she munches on the apple and gets a piece of the juicy fruit.

Yes, he may not get enough room to get the whole apple, but he can get enough. That one apple is gone ‘out of stock’ for now.

Quite efficiently, the little dog took bits of it and had a feast.


And if someone complained, maybe he’d bark out “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Quite wise, eh?

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