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Smile More ! Cute Dog Advice.

Golden retrievers give the best advice. So when this cutie patootie trundles up to you and asks you to smile more, you know what to do.

Look how the doggo is looking you up and down first. They are judging your reaction to their ‘sudden appearance’.

They wonder if you would want to play with them. But seeing you not move, look at that smile on their face.

They know you love them, and they want to show how much they love you. The gentleness of their trundle towards you in itself is a show of affection.


They want you to know that the reason behind their smile is you. You know that they expect cuddles now.

They want to tumble along with you on the grass and have the time of their lives.

Well, they also want to tell you to smile. After all, there is a lot of sadness on Earth and they don’t want their friends to be sad too.

So, look into those gorgeous eyes and watch as your face develops into a smile.


And don’t forget to give them some boops! They are good bois after all.

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