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Silence Is Best Broken Before Someone Who Understands The Value Of Silence


I am not much of a speaker. I like listening more than speaking, but then I get into these frenzies where I talk for hours at a stretch with no pause in between. I’ll talk and talk, but I have noticed that the person I speak so much with has a greater connection to me than I thought possible. These people understand the value of silence, which makes it easier for me to speak to them.

Why? For, when someone knows that silence is important, they won’t talk uselessly. And when the listener believes in the same philosophy, they won’t bother interacting unless it is absolutely necessary.

The value of silence sometimes makes people think that I am arrogant, or that I don’t talk much. But that has never been the case. More often than not, we don’t speak because we feel the other person must not be interested. Or we may be bothering them. Or simply, and this comes with a touch of arrogance I agree, they might not understand.


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But that doesn’t mean that quiet people never talk. They will talk, and talk for hours before someone who believes in the same. If a quiet person is unable to find the right person, you can be assured that they would be having a much diversified, eclectic conversation within themselves.


It can get quite weird, I tell you. I have seen my acquaintances look at me weirdly when I get too excited talking to someone, whilst remaining silent sometime back. But then again, the reasoning is simple- it is positively frightening to talk before people who do not understand who you are or where your sentiments/emotions lie.

You might as well be reciting the Bible before an atheist. They will listen, but they wouldn’t care. So unless I find someone who understands the value of silence, we can’t have a conversation. For, that would be meaningless chatter, which we BOTH would hate.

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It is said that birds of the same feather flock together. If you are talking or interacting with someone who doesn’t understand the value of silence, or doesn’t believe in the same things as you do, the conversation can get quite difficult. You can try and try, but it will simply fizzle out. To every conversation, you need someone who will be able to correctly understand the meaning behind whatever it is you are saying.

Remember, a true conversation is when everyone else around you finds it gibberish, but you and your partner know exactly what you are talking about. Maybe because your partner understands the value of silence.

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