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Secrets Make One Of The Best Superpowers


A knife in the back hurts more than a sword from the front. Being betrayed by friends hurts us more than being devastated by our enemies. This is because we trust our friends. We share our secrets and our weaknesses with them. And when they betray us, we have no person left to go to. So it becomes very important to choose our friends wisely. Because our secrets are superpowers and we must be very selective about whom we share them with.

Privacy Is An Armour

Keeping your private life private is the best defense system you can equip yourself with. Opening up to friends occasionally is important but be very careful who you open up to. Don’t take your secrets lightly, they’re superpowers and if put in the wrong hands, they can destroy your life.

Use Secrets Like Weapons

You do not need a gun to kill a man. Just tell his wife about his affair. Knowledge is a powerful thing. And if the knowledge is secretive then it can be used as a weapon too. Know that the bigger secrets you unravel the bigger weapon you will have against the said person. Carry your knowledge of them with a lot of care.


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Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies Closer

It is expected from your enemies to behave negatively towards you. Being surrounded by friends goes a long way sure, but being surrounded by your enemies throws them off track. If you can be stoic and observe, you may learn your enemy’s secrets. But be careful to not give away any of yours.


Keep Your Knowledge Undercover

You cannot erase your knowledge of something. You may try to hide it, though. Mask your knowledge with credible excuses. Don’t just hide a portion, cover up the entire thing. So that if a portion comes out accidentally, you may tuck it back in. Think this through to be able to pull it off well.

Prioritize People Who Matter More

You may have many friends but not each of them needs to know everything. Tell them only what they need to know, not all the secrets are to be let out. What you consider important, keep it to yourself. There would be people you like and there would be people you trust. Share accordingly.

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Some Superpowers Are Just for You

Some of your secrets you must keep to yourself. Whatever is harmful should better be locked in your chest, with keys flung off into the sea. If a secret is potentially dangerous and you need not remember it then well, do not remember it!

Your secrets are your superpower. Do not use them unnecessarily. Do not exhaust them. And, most importantly, do not share them with the wrong person.

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