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Sad Reality

The boy was making fun of the couple when it hit him that he is single. And that is not one of the best realizations to have, is it?

It’s not that every single person wants to be in a relationship. But most of us indeed feel a certain emptiness when we see a happy couple.

This boy also felt the same, look at his sad face, the reality just dawned upon him. Have you ever felt like this in your life?

Maybe you saw a couple enjoying an ice-cream together and you wished that you would have someone to share your’s with? Or some other incident similar to that?


If such a situational feeling ever arises in you, do one thing. Just imagine an unhappy couple. Yes, imagine how they’re fighting, yelling at one another.

Just like the happy couple made you want to be in a relationship, this unhappy one will make you wish the opposite! Yes, the reverse works just as fine.

So, next time you find yourself sad, just use this trick. Or try finding a partner, for real. Not that you two won’t fight, but you’ll have happy moments as well!


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