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Rude Wake Up Call

Sometimes the best part about long drives is to be able to relax so completely that you fall asleep without knowing.

There is the wind in your hair. There is no dust or smoke or pollution. There is a soothing quiet that the city traffic does not allow.

But that does not mean you should fall asleep without your seatbelt. No. That thing is pretty unacceptable.

Just because you are out of town you think traffic rules don’t apply? What might happen on an endless stretch of road with no traffic, you wonder?


The driver might come to a crashing halt and you might get a rude wake-up call that ends with your butt under the seat and legs in the air-pushed to your shoulders.

If that is not enough for you, then here is the silver lining- every person on the internet is laughing at you as well.

So next time you go on a drive (not that I would suggest that you take a nap next to the driver and let him get bored and drowsy) but just in case you do, remember to put on your seat belt.

Seat belts don’t just save lives. They save your reputation too.


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