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With Their Unique Style And Genre, Mutefish Will Definitely Make You Want To Dance

Mutefish is a six piece band based in Dublin formed by musicians from Poland, Lithuania, Portugal and Ukraine. The band incorporates elements of reggae, folk and trad to form its own unique sound.

The quality and uniqueness of their music has been attributed to the diversity of cultures within the group. Each band member brings his own distinct musical background and tastes, giving the band its unique sound which makes it difficult to label their style or genre.

The band was originally formed by Bogus, Marka and Vaclav who had been busking the streets of Dublin. Vaclav (from Czech Republic) is responsible for the band’s name. Vaclav had difficulty speaking English; he claimed that he felt like a ‘mute fish’ and from those words, the band took its name.


Although Vaclav left the band in 2009, they still have a neat line-up of talented artists; Bogus Stelmach [Guitar & Mandolin], Marka Lovkil [Cajon & Guitar], Tomas Pupalaigis [Bass Guitar], Peter Karabasoff [Drums & Percussion] and Daithi O’Cearuill [Flute & Tin Whistle].

The band recorded their first demo entitled ‘Zeby To Bylo Spoko’ in 2007. Shortly after this, they went on a hiatus as Bogus had to return to Poland to finish his studies.

The following year he returned to Dublin and the band picked up where they had left off.  Early in 2009, Tomas Pupalaigis joined the group as the bass guitarist. Later that year, they recruited Peter on drums and Daithi on flute and tin whistle.


The band quickly made up for lost time and soon entered the studio to create some demo tracks. The result was the ‘Muteation’ demo which featured a total of 14 tracks. Several of these would later appear on the band’s debut album entitled ‘On Draught’ which was released in 2010. Four years later, in 2014, the band released their 5 track EP ’360 Hangovers’

Mutefish has gone from being a Dublin based street band to a band with a global audience, performing in different countries all over the world from; Germany, Belgium, Ireland, France, Canary Islands, Austria, Lithuania and Italy.

Mute fish’s music is a melting pot of various European folk styles and an interesting mix of instruments which add to the richness of their sound. If you are in Dublin, check out their website to see where they will be performing live!

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