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Prince Harry Performs With Bon Jovi For A New Charity Single

Prince Harry recorded a brand new charity single for the Invictus Games with Bon Jovi at the Abbey Road Studios. The Sussex Royal page on Instagram posted a video of the duo prepping for the record. The prince was praised by Jovi for catching up quickly and giving a good performance. The duo later posed with the Invictus Games Choir to recreate the iconic cover of the Beatles’ 1969 album. The picture was taken at Abbey Road’s popular zebra crossing in the presence of a crowd and the press.

Abbey Road Studios is a music lover’s paradise as the Beatles have recorded iconic songs there. Prince Harry and Bon Jovi met the press at the steps of the studio and then went to the control room. The agenda was to re-record Bon Jovi’s 2019 single, Unbroken, with the Invictus Games Choir. The record is for charity, mainly for the Invictus Games Foundation. The foundation is in charge of the Invictus Games – an international multi-sport event for the physically challenged military personnel. It is Harry’s brainchild.

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Prince Harry


Bon Jovi’s original song focused on the veterans who lived with PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. It was a tribute to their unwavering spirit. As both Jovi’s parents served in the US Marine Corps, he felt attached to the subject. The people who gathered outside the Buckingham Palace got to hear his songs during the change of the guard ceremony.


The Duke of Sussex visited Edinburgh for a ‘working summit’ as he launched his eco-friendly travel firm. The firm will have a strict grading system whereby the users can track their carbon footprints. Harry will be busy till March 31, taking care of his last royal responsibilities before he steps down. He went back to the UK from Canada on a commercial flight. The Scotland Yard bodyguards who assisted him are funded by the taxpayer money and he took an LNER train to reach Edinburgh.


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Harry has been severely criticized for carelessly using private jets vis-a-vis launching eco-friendly campaigns. The British taxpayers might have to contribute to Meghan and Harry’s £20million security bill as Canada refused to. The couple is supposed to shift to North America as private citizens soon and the 24*7 protection is likely to come from the Metropolitan Police which again is funded by the taxpayers. No comment has been made by Buckingham Palace on this matter. According to Royal expert Phil Dampier, the couple is likely to make millions of pounds in a year and should not take public money when they are private citizens.


Only time can tell what the couple plans on doing after resigning as senior Royals!

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