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It’s Time That We Bring Justice To The Ones Who Strewn Our Streets With Trash

Imagine one day, you are leaving your lovely homeland. It would be quite a sad affair. You drive down the clean roads to the airport and bid your parents farewell. Once on the plane, you recall the wonderful swathes of green fields that you once played in. And once the plane lifts off, you see the fields passing beneath you and at that moment, your eyes squeeze out a tiny bit of moisture. Nostalgia – that bittersweet feeling! 

One day, your college would end and you will come back. The homecoming is full of emotions. You will see your mother’s face again and hug your dad. You will run on the clean streets that you left behind – again. You know there will be a few changes but not too much. You hope so. 

But then, how would you feel like if you come back to your home and see the streets strewn with trash? 

streets strewn with trash


That’s the reality of many students and professionals who come back from their journey outside their home. Of course, they expect some changes – maybe a few more skyscrapers and shiny hotels and offices. But what they see is infuriating. The streets are strewn with trash and the people do not really care. Whenever they are passing through a certain area, they would just drop their packets or plastic bags on the street. The worst part – they would just simply ignore the trash can. If the trash can is just ten steps ahead, they would not like to walk. People have become so complacent with the buy-consume-dump philosophy that it really doesn’t matter to them if things are going bad for our planet. Their own laziness trumps over the health of our planet.

If you really want to see streets strewn with trash, you should see an area after a festival has taken place. The entire field on the street will be strewn with trash to the point that it looks like a sea of garbage. The people enjoying themselves just enjoy themselves so mindlessly that they don’t really care what they are dumping around them. It is only after they leave that the caretakers of the area come and clear the garbage. The amount of garbage sometimes takes a whole day to clean up. A time wasted which could have been easily avoided if the people were a little bit more responsible. A little bit more conscious about wastes and about our climate.

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But enough is enough – you or I should not be the one cleaning up after another person leaves their garbage. Yes, if the streets are strewn with trash, we need to clean it up. But if you find someone who is intentionally dumping garbage on the streets, then it’s time to report them. Take your dashcam with you, use your mobile – take a video. Upload it on social media.


If they are not going to learn the easy way, sometimes, you need to teach others the hard way. There is no roundabout way to do it.

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