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Pet Wars – Laser Finale

Pets also fight their own Star Wars. And our four-legged Luke and Darth Vader have their own version of a laser fight.

And this fight does not take place ‘a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away’. The feline Darth Vader has been cornered by the canine rebels.

But she is putting up a valiant fight. The size of the rebel army is no match for her twin lightsabers.

She keeps hitting out while the large dog tries to get in close for the final punch. But the dog knows how dangerous and lethal those sabers can be.


He has a lot of scars to prove it. Most of them around his nose and eyes. He knows that the cat sharpens those lightsabers every day.

They get into scrapes every other day at the food dump. But then it is normal. The food there is both delicious and nutritious. A rare combination.

And the variety is mind-boggling. The little dog was originally there to act as the referee at the fight.

But he seems a bit biased and seems to be favoring the dog. The fight ends with the cat managing to put the element of surprise to good use.


She escapes with her adversary and the referee in hot pursuit. And it will end up the way it always does.

And the fight will surely continue the next day as scheduled. The food dump is too precious to be given up.

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